What We Do

Spacecode is a multidisciplinary technology company offering innovative RFID industry-leading solutions for the healthcare, diamonds & jewelry industries.

Award-winning RFID track-and-trace management solutions

  • Authenticating with 100% accuracy
  • Reading through metal, liquids and organic material including human tissue
  • Detecting and identifying large volumes of items in close proximity and random orientations

App Development

Case Study: GIA Mine to Market (M2M)

  • Providing customers with information about a polished diamond`s origins
  • Verifying a diamond has socially and environmentally responsible origins
  • A B2C shopping portal to buy a diamond, discover its history and personalized experience

Software Development for IT applications

  • Databases
  • APIs
  • Frameworks
  • Server buckets
  • Apps & social media integration

Blockchain software platform for digital assets

  • Making processes more democratic, secure and transparent
  • Reducing transaction times
  • 24/7 processing
  • Eliminating counter-party risks