About Spacecode

SpaceCode is a leading RFID technology company specializing in and dominating our target applications in the high value Healthcare and Luxury Goods industries.

SpaceCode invented and developed quite simply the most advanced RFID technology of its kind. Our unique RFID system combines the best physics with the best semiconductor design and best communications protocol. Our products incorporating our RFID technology, are therefore, best in class.

Our customers – comprising top companies and organizations (including in the Fortune Top 20) and partnerships – with leading technology and solution providers; have brought SpaceCode solutions to the forefront of the rapidly expanding marketplace.

SpaceCode’s business philosophy is simple – we dominate our target industries by:
understanding the needs of the respective industries, in detail
developing a portfolio of innovative quality products to meet these needs
committing ourselves completely to the success of our customers
collaborating with best in class partners that have a common vision & complementary strengths

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