Diamond and Jewelry
  • Diamond Inventory and Sales Solution

    Diamond Inventory SpaceCode RFID products substantially impact the core objectives of our customers – sales and sales offices. In some instances sales productivity increased by 66% since employees can process a particular request from a client in less than a third of the time. There are many ways that companies can generate a significant Return on Investment (ROI), including:

    • Maximising the time that sales personnel spend with clients rather than looking for stones
    • Increasing the efficiency of the selling and export process by automating which stones are selected by the customer
    • Distributing stones internally and externally to brokers through a SmartSASto automatically transfer ownership – no more memos or handwritten notes
    • Minimising the time spent doing manual inventories and reducing the number of errors
    • Minimising the time wasted trying to resolve inconsistent stock tallies
    • Separating any special stock into a SmartBox on the desktop and/or in a safe with restricted access
    • Reducing possible end-of-day tally errors by putting all stock in a SmartCabinet in the strong room for a final check at the end of each day and the start of the next day



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