Diamond and Jewelry
  • Diamond Manufacturing Solution

    photo-diamond3Our SmartDevices continuously and automatically scan thousands of diamond parcels or jewelry items simultaneously with complete reliability and with no manual intervention. Following installation and deployment, stock is counted, identified, and located automatically ‒ in real time. This significantly increases the level of accuracy, control, monitoring, and security. Delays, inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and errors associated with workflow control, physical counts and manual locating processes are eliminated and a higher level of sophistication and efficiency is achieved in inventory management through:

    • counting stock in automated and continuous manner
    • identifying and locating stones anywhere and at any time
    • auditing, examining, and reportingpast and current individual transactions
    • continuously monitoring and securing items using software (alerts), smart devices, and biometric access

    Return on investment is driven by workflow automation, staff productivity, enterprise visibility and control, security and insurance premium reductions.


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