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The Diamond Data Box

Geneva, March, 2011

Spacecode launches a brand new “Diamond DataBox™” to protect your expensive goods based upon advanced RFID technology. We met Paul Davis, who explained how Spacecode is automating the inventory management
of diamonds using the latest RFID technology to bring diamantaires into the 21st century. He described the new Diamond DataBox™ system which automatically produces stock records, monitors the location of stock 24/7, provides a secure environment and is set to reduce the number of losses.We remember having heard about barcode systems which enabled diamond dealers to easily check their stock and control it. Last year, we knew Rosyblue in Dubai had been seduced and worked with the new technology. Since then, it took one year for the Spacecode team to set up this other innovative apparatus. What is the link between health and diamonds? Preciousness. This is possibly why we were not so surprised to see that the new device presented was originally made for healthcare, specifically for medical devices and therefore has 100% reliability. Defibrillators but also pacemakers,…and eventually all the very important documents associated to patients can be included in the DataBox™.