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SpaceCode Launches New Diamond DataBox™ Solution

Paris, France 4th October 2010

SpaceCode is launching the Diamond DataBox, its latest application for the diamond & jewellery industries. Spacecode is automating the inventory management of diamonds using the latest RFID technology to bring diamantaires into the 21st century. The Diamond DataBox system automatically produces stock records, monitors the location of stock 24/7, provides a secure environment and is set to reduce the number of insurance losses.

The solution provides wholesalers and retailers with improved visibility of their business, more accountability and a dramatically improved level of security. The intuitive and easy to use solution intelligently interprets the business activity and improves the speed and reliability of the internal processes. In summary the solution;

  • Accurately manages stock records with 100% reliability
  • Quickly locates any item of stock and eliminates time wasted looking for assets
  • Significantly reduces the time to check goods in & out
  • Enables real-time, remote visibility of all stock
  • Determines the total value of all goods and can compare against the value insured
  • Provides a secure environment for diamonds to be stored during the working day
  • Generates configurable reports summarizing the day’s activities along with any anomalies
  • Immediately notifies management/security of a situation through real time alarms & alerts such as;
  • - User removes assets which exceed an authorized value
  • - User tries to access DataBox outside normal working hours
  • - Total value of goods exceeds the value insured
  • - Door left open longer than the permitted time
  • Maintains a record of all historical inventories allowing the last known inventory prior to an incident to be used to quickly settle any insurance claims
  • Provides the full traceability of individual products
  • Uses non-clonable RFID tags assuring no tampering and unique numbering