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SpaceCode Signs Licence Agreement with CEA Leti on RFID Patents

Paris, France, June X 2007

Specialist RFID (radio-frequency identification) company SpaceCode, and pre-eminent applied research laboratory CEA Leti, today announced a licensing arrangement on CEA Leti’s RFID technology portfolio. A separate collaboration agreement is also planned between the parties.
Under the terms of the license agreement, SpaceCode has full access to CEA Leti’s RFID technology for use in the development of its RFID portfolio. CEA Leti’s patent suite includes frequency agnostic communications techniques, as well as chip and reader technology methodologies that would allow enhancement of existing, and development of new product families and solutions for SpaceCode. Concepts covered by the licensed intellectual property include speed and range enhancements, dealing with large tag populations, low complexity system and components, alternative modulation schemes, signaling techniques, analog front end concepts and chip & reader designs.
Leti is a laboratory operated by the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and is one of the largest applied research centers in electronics in Europe. “Leti’s mission is to help companies increase their competitive position by technological innovation and transfer of its technical know-how to industry” says Hughes Metras, VP components & applications. “We are pleased to enter into a long and valuable relationship with a trusted partner. Our focus of licensing industry-leading companies with our patents continues to help push the boundaries of what our collective engineering teams can accomplish. We look forward to many years of development with SpaceCode.”
SpaceCode, already an owner of extensive RFID intellectual property and know how, provides and develops RFID solutions and products capable of giving full accuracy and reliability in challenging and harsh environments. “This partnership will result in innovations that not only advance the state of the art, but also present compelling new business opportunities”, says Paul Davis, CEO of SpaceCode. ‘We very much look forward to working with such a reputable institution with such a deep RFID pedigree. Our combined know-how, intellectual property, expertise, experience and resources provide very real opportunities for success in the RFID industry and its applications.”

About SpaceCode: SpaceCode, a vertically integrated provider of advanced RFID systems, is a European based globally focused specialist RFID company providing hardware, software, and deployment services for the RFID industry. Through its ability to provide technical solutions that achieve full identification and reading accuracy in all environments, the technology provides reliability where other solutions and technologies cannot. The differentiation includes the scalability of the system and the unique ability to attain essential operating parameters including full reliability, accuracy and authentication, even in challenging environments including where metal and/or organic materials are present, where heterogeneous and multi item identification is required, and where items are in close proximity and multiple orientations. SpaceCode customers include marquee corporations where the cutting edge solution provides breakthrough innovations that allow companies to generate clear efficiencies and advantages. SpaceCode together with its growing network of international partners and customers, is engineering the future of RFID for item level solutions in the RFID industry.

About CEA: The CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission), a public organization for technological research, carries out its missions in the domains of energy, information and health technologies and defense, building on the foundations of fundamental research at the highest level. Strengthened by the competence of its 15 000 researchers and collaborators, it is recognized internationally and constitutes a strong source of original ideas for public authorities, institutions and industries in France and in Europe. Located in Grenoble, CEA-Leti (Electronics and Information Technology Laboratory ) is at the leading edge of European research in microelectronics, microtechnology and nanotechnology : it employs nearly 1000 people and deposits around 200 patents per year. With 28 start-ups created or in the course of creation, it is one of the most important partners of the industrial world. Instigator of the MINATEC® pole of innovation, CEA-Leti is also one of its principal partners, beside the INP Grenoble (Grenoble Institute of Technology) and the local authorities.
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