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PLEXUS DiamondJewel SmartBoard

diamond smartboar parcels

The SmartBoard desktop reader features outstanding 3-D reading capability for scanning SpaceCode RFID-tagged items quickly, irrespective of orientation or proximity. Ideal for accelerating processing and reading of items as they are passed between processes and individuals. The read range is configured to a well-defined area above the board only‒there’s no risk of reading other tags in the vicinity.


Key Features

  • Quick stock counting
  • Fast-tracks critical process pathways
  • Simple workflow integration
  • Easy to use

Product Highlights

  • 100% reliability not affected by metal, liquid, juxtaposition, or random orientation
  • 1D and 3D reading versions
  • USB and Ethernet connection options
  • Well defined read range with active area up to a height of about 15 cm, or two – three layers, above the board
  • Capacity 100’s of items