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PLEXUS DiamondJewel SmartSAS

DiamondJewel smartsas

The SmartSAS is an award-winning dual-access RFID cabinet fitted with two doors – back and front. The SAS is mounted in a physical partition or wall, and goods can be moved between physically separated areas. Goods are inserted from one side by a biometrically authorized user, then similarly removed from the other side by a biometrically authorized user, providing a technology-monitored “handshake” as the goods are passed between physically separated users or areas.

Ideal for diamond business workflow where authorized staff hand over diamonds from one authority perimeter to another. The system automatically alerts staff that goods are ready for collection and acknowledges the goods transfer.


Key Features

  • Monitored handovers between users
  • Seamless integration with no need to change existing processes
  • Configurable workflow and access rights
  • Automated administration of transactions and movement of goods
  • Easy to install and use

Product Highlights

  • 100% reliability not affected by metal, liquid, juxtaposition, or random orientation
  • Dual-sided door system with biometric or RFID card access
  • Stand-alone or integrated into partition
  • 3D reading
  • USB and Ethernet connection options
  • Capacity for 100s or 1000s of items
  • Built-in shock, door open and volumetric intrusion sensors and alerts
  • Double iron-layered adjustable bracket for attaching to wall or glass partition
  • Customized alarms configured according to requirements