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PLEXUS DiamondJewel SmartStation

diamond SmartStation

The SmartStation is quicker and more accurate than barcodes and reads multiple items simultaneously. Adopted in fast-moving processes to help staff finish their work quickly, efficiently, and accurately by counting, identifying, tracking and reading in real time up to five items placed in a defined 1D orientation on the device. Ideal for rapid and repetitive counting processes where speed and accuracy are essential.


Key Features

  • Rapid counting of single or small numbers of items
  • Replaces barcode processes
  • “Put and go” ‒ no need to line up the reader with the scanner
  • “Plug and play” simplicity

Product Highlights

  • 100% reliability not affected by metal, liquid, juxtaposition, or random orientation
  • 1D antenna configuration
  • USB and Ethernet connection options
  • Mounted under a desk or shelf ‒ keeps working areas clear
  • Available in different sizes depending on requirements