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PLEXUS DiamondJewel Software

Managing the PLEXUS devices is made easy with a range of dedicated software solutions. Regardless of the application or industry, the PLEXUS software allows IT departments to easily monitor and manage a globally distributed RFID device infrastructure – all from the IT administrator’s desk.

  • The software development kit (SDK) is available for the creation of proprietary applications allowing the PLEXUS RFID devices to connect to an existing company ERP information system. The SDK package includes sample code and supporting documentation.
  • An intermediate software application, SmartTracker, is available for customers to start deploying applications and evaluate all PLEXUS product functionalities. For rapid PC installation purposes it uses a small database, allowing it to simulate performances in a limited operational environment.
  • A full business software application,DiamondTracker,which was developed in collaboration with major diamond industry players, is available for larger company deployment. It includes proactive monitoring of the entire RFID network such as delivering instant alarms alerting IT staff of potential technical issues or access abuse. It also integrates comprehensive data management functions such as delivering business information in a graphical easy-to-use format.

All SpaceCode software products run on standard 32 or 64B desktop computers under the Microsoft OS environment and can be downloaded directly via the Internet.


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