• Solutions Overview

    SpaceCode RFID Benefits In The Diamond and Jewellery Industry

    Diamond inventory control and selling has traditionally been a low-tech and surprisingly informal affair, especially given the value of the items involved. Each diamond is kept inside a “brifka”—a paper parcel, or plastic cartridge/bag marked with the stone’s principal characteristics, and barcoded. While the technique is cheap, simple and widely supported, it provides nothing in the way of visibility, business intelligence or insight beyond what an observer can read off the package or barcode. Additionally, for high-volume companies, brifkasand barcodes demand endless hours of painstaking manual processing and data entry to achieve accurate (though delayed) inventory counts. SpaceCode RFID guarantees a far better method for tracking, managing and securing the diamonds and extremely valuable gemstones that lie at the heart of diamond companies’ operations. The system invisibly and efficiently tracks the movements of stones between sales centers, factories and offices enterprise wide. SpaceCode’s solution allows management and staff a better way to monitor diamond movements and to immediately pinpoint each diamond’s specific location – a huge advantage from both an operational as well as a sales perspective. Once implemented, the system is able to generate management reports on demand, such that the company knows exactly what stock they’ve got, and where it is, in real time. A new way of business for the diamond and jewellery industry.