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SpaceCode Introduces Breakthrough RFID LED TAG

Mumbai, India – 10th Oct 2013

Counting diamonds is a core part of the diamond and precious stone manufacturing process, where selecting, finding and collecting specific stones can become a time-consuming affair. When SpaceCode’s clients told them it can take up to45 minutes tolocate and collect 100 stones out of a stock of 10,000, they knew they could help.

SpaceCode have been pioneering RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions within the diamond and precious stone sector for over 10 years, providing integrated solutions that help reduce asset management lead times and enable 24/7 worldwide tracking of stock. But in September 2013, at the World Gem Show in Hong Kong, the company unveiled a new solution that will revolutionize how the industry manages stock.

With SpaceCode’s new RFID LED Tag, selecting, finding and collecting stones can n o w be done in only a few minutes, resulting in greater speed and efficiency, improved customer service, and saving precious labour time ‒ no more manual counting or barcodes. It works like this: A high-quality, solid plastic tag is placed inside in each parcel. The tag has a large cut- out area t o a c c o m m o d a t e the stone. Within the plastic tag casing is a metal coil that gives out a low-frequency signal that can be read by an RFID reader antenna. The tag is also fitted seamlessly with a red LED light that can be lit up on command without batteries or a main power source. So when a batch of, say, 200 stones is placed on SpaceCode’s award- winning SMARTBOARD, you will be able to read on your computer what stock is exactly in front of you, and the respective LED t a g lit will light upwhen you select the stones you wish to pull out on the screen.

SpaceCode offer a range of products in conjunction with the RFID LED Tag that have been designed with the diamond and precious stone sector in mind. These include the SMARTBOARD, SMARTBOX, SMARTSAS, SMARTCABINET, and, coming soon, the new SMART SCALE.

SpaceCode’s R&D centre in Paris, France, ensures the highest product quality and qualification, while the company’ s Sales and Business Development Team based out of Mumbai provides valuable customer support both for new c lients getting started with RFID technology solutions as well as ongoing technical support for existing customers.

It’s time to light up your diamond search with this game-changing technology from SpaceCode.

To learn more about SpaceCode visit About SpaceCode


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