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Using RFID to Improve Inventory Management & Security

White Paper – November, 2010

White Paper published in the New Jeweller’s October, 2010 UAE and International magazines SpaceCode is automating the inventory management of diamonds using the latest RFID technology to brin diamantaires into the 21st century …. Paul Davis explains how their new Diamond DataBox™ system automatically produces stock records, monitors the location of stock 24/7, provides a secure environment and is set to reduce the number of losses.

Managing accurate stock records of many high value items in constant movement typically relies upon regular manual counting procedures. This is very time consuming and prone to human error. SpaceCode has developed an automated and real time inventory management system based upon each product having an individual RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag.A database stores the product’s parameters (value, material, type, 4C’s etc) and DataBoxes designed specifically for Diamonds & Jewellery store the products. The Diamond DataBox automatically identifies its content including who added or removed what items, at what time and at which location. This unique solution uses tried and tested technology which is already deployed at hospitals to manage the inventory of high value implantable medical devices.