Clinique Ambroise Pare leverages the benefits of RFID

Clinique Ambroise Pare is a leading private hospital in Paris. For the clinic, RFID is key to making better use of physical assets and produce a phenomenal return on investment. The initial up front costs were a concern to the clinic, but now the staff at the clinic "don't know how a large medical centre can continue to maintain all the different parameters they have to and be state of the art without RFID" says Frederic Lenfant. "It simplifies processes, increases productivity, drives down costs and you can literally raise your ability to care for patients." The system deployed at Clinic Ambroise Pare is designed to improve logistics by keeping track of medical devices. Each carries an RFID tag that tracks whereabouts, use, expiry, stockouts, scrap, replenishment and billing. With a few keystrokes, administrators and medical professionals can locate all devices which has boosted device utilization rates, reduced inventory, eliminated scrap and stock outs, and resulted in accelerated billing. The logistical and financial advantages are real, but that´s just the start. Lenfant is most excited about future plans to capitalize on the greatest advantage of all: RFID's capacity to improve patient care.The fact is that RFID enables hospitals to do things that they have never done before and it won't be long before the global healthcare sector wakes up to the tremendous advantages of RFID.
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