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Novel Applications of SpaceCode RFID in Insect and Mammalian Research

Paris, France — October 20, 2006

SpaceCode, a provider of specialist RFID systems for challenging applications, has been selected by the Ethology department (LEEC) of the leading PARIS XIII Science University to develop a dedicated RFID System with the sole objective of extensively and comprehensively studying the dynamics of behavior and organisation of social insects and small mammals in heterogeneous open environments for three species – mice, cockroaches, and ants.

When the LEEC lab studies the Ethology of social Hymenoptera, it is from a methodological individualism perspective, focusing on individuals’ rules of decisions and their impact on the resulting collective organization. Such individual identification can prove particularly tricky when studying large groups of animals. When faced with such challenges, the LEEC has repeatedly proven to be a major force of proposal, through its ability to adapt innovative technologies to research needs.

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