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SpaceCode and MEDIREPORT Collaborate on Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Projects

London, United Kingdom – September 30, 2006

SpaceCode a global specialist RFID solutions provider focused on item level tagging for challenging healthcare environments, and MEDIREPORT a leading European medical software company, today announced that the companies are collaborating on the provision and commercialization of RFID enabled smartcupboards specifically designed for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries.

The combination of MEDIREPORT’s software data management platform with SPACECODE’s RFID tag and reader hardware has culminated in the development of a superior solution for inventory and consignment management of drugs and medical devices in healthcare. This partnership is the merging of two best-in-class providers to offer the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry a first-in-class revolutionary product with unrivalled performance able to function with complete reliability and accuracy, irrespective of the presence of metal or organic materials typically encountered in the healthcare supply chain.

The RFID enabled smartcupboard is capable of tracking, tracing and authenticating items stored in the cupboard, and providing this item level data directly to the supplier in real time. ‘The functionality of the Medi-Trace Smartcupboard offers distinct benefits in terms of inventory control, consignment management and billing, differentiation from competitors, and brand protection for our customers’ says Paul Davis, Managing Director of SPACECODE.

Serge Makowski, Director of MEDIREPORT, alluded to the early and increasing volume of orders placed by customers for the application as testament to its utility and need in the market.. “We are very pleased with the results of our collaboration and a product that for the first time enables the use of RFID to address the unmet market needs in traditionally RFID hostile environments. This partnership enables us to provide our customers with high value-added RFID solutions for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and points of sales’.

About SPACECODE: SpaceCode is a complete RFID systems provider for item level tracking, tracing and authentication of goods. The best in class technology is uniquely able to attain essential operating parameters for customers requiring complete visibility and knowledge of their entire supply chain, irrespective of whether the environment is RFID friendly or RFID hostile. Focusing on and addressing this key unmet market need has ensured that the company occupies a clear gap in the provision of customized item level solutions for our customers. The cutting edge solution provides breakthrough innovations that allow our clients to generate clear advantage over their competitors. SpaceCode together with its growing network of international partners and customers, is engineering the future of RFID.

About MEDIREPORT: Medireport has been a leading technology provider of software solutions to the RFID and heath care industry for more than 10 years. The company is the European market leader providing a comprehensive system that integrates clinical procedure capture, hospital record generation, and supplier inventory management. Medireport applications are widely implemented in more than 10 countries using advanced database technology in a multilingual platform thus allowing multicenter and multinational utilization and application. Medireport has extensive experience in high volume database management, remote maintenance and real time live application update allowing control and management of the application and database in all countries simultaneously.