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CareFusion launches SpaceCode RFID-enabled products

San Diego, 30th January 2010

CareFusion and SpaceCode today marked the launch of the CareFusionPyxis product range incorporating SpaceCode’s award winning RFID technology. The two companies first entered into partnership in October 2008, whereby CareFusion (previously Cardinal Health) – after extensive evaluation of available RFID technologies – selected and exclusively licensed the SpaceCode RFID technology for integration into their hospital based products. Since then the two companies have worked closely on developing and finalizing the Pyxis RFID product range, culminating today in the launch of this exciting product. ‘This combination of two best in class technologies has delivered the most sophisticated and powerful system of its kind’ says Scott Bostick, Vice President Sales for CareFusion. ‘We are extremely excited by the potential this product has to offer our customers.’

SpaceCode RFID technology was integrated into the CareFusion products to develop a secure supply management system that helps hospitals manage high-value implantable medical devices with 100% accuracy and reliability. ‘After intensive development to get this product to market, the launch of CareFusion’sPyxis RFID product portfolio marks an important milestone for automated supply chain management, monitoring, and visibility in the healthcare industry’ says Craig Cook, SpaceCode CEO. ‘We are delighted with this integration of our technology into the leading global provider of healthcare solutions, which is testament to the unique capabilities of SpaceCode RFID technology and our ability to provide 100% reliable and accurate RFID reading.’

The Pyxis RFID system is the latest technology added to CareFusion’sPyxis® Supply Technologies that provide a measurable return on investment and integrates with health care information systems. The system helps eliminate the need for clinicians to manually enter information and helps improve efficiency and workflow while reducing error-prone manual documentation. CareFusion is focused on providing a comprehensive approach to managing the operating room and assisting hospitals in streamlining processes to reduce the cost and increase the productivity of health care. ‘The launch of SpaceCodePyxis RFID system supports this focus by aiming to simplify item tracking, reduce inventory shrinkage and improve data capture and billing accuracy. We are excited by the potential of this product’ says David Schlotterbeck, chairman and CEO of CareFusion.