• Solutions Overview

    SpaceCode RFID Benefits In The Healthcare Industry

    Many hospitals, clinics, healthcare manufacturers, and distributors are in need of better ways to manage inventories of implantable medical devices and other assets, drugs and other hospital goods. SpaceCode RFID solutions offer the opportunity to have a real-time- always-on secure method for automating healthcare logistics, and allows hospitals and other operators to revolutionise healthcare fundamentals:

    • increase productivity of healthcare delivery
    • reduce expiry scrap and stock outs
    • accelerate replenishment of stock
    • improve billing process and accuracy
    • reduce inventory and staff costs
    • reduced administrative errors
    • track usage, waste, theft and spoilage of expensive products and equipment
    • increase patient quality of care
    • increase patient safety
    • enhance scheduling
    • satisfy regulators and third party payers
    • match patients with appropriate medications and dosages

    SpaceCode RFID enables the management of medical supplies throughout the healthcare supply chain – in the hospital down to the point of care, at the distributor’s warehouse. The solution includes systems for managing all types of inventory including owned, consigned and non-consigned product. Customers improve their financial performance through improved inventory performance, reduced scrap, no stock outs, and improved billing. The products simplify the recording of consumption at the point of care and enables sophisticated inventory management solutions that improve staff satisfaction, reduce inventory, eliminate waste and help improve patient safety. SpaceCode provides:

    • Lot level visibility of all inventory and consumption, including consignment
    • Item level traceability from receipt until consumption for a procedure
    • Robust par level management and analytics to optimize inventory levels
    • Automated expiration alerts
    • Seamless integration with ERP systems to maximize operational efficiency
    • Our products give clients insight into and control of their medical supply chains. Clinicians can be confident that everything they need will be available, helping ensure safety and avoiding wasted time.