• The SpaceCode Difference

    SpaceCode’s award-winning visibility and monitoring technology features several state-of-the-art premium innovations and inventions. Ever since we invented the RFID industry’s first LF anti-collision communications algorithm, we have delivered real-time visibility networks to our customers by wirelessly communicating the number, location, transaction, status, condition, history and other critical asset data ‒ anywhere, all the time, and with 100% reliability

    This is the SpaceCode Difference:

    • Accuracy: our customers and applications require 100% read-rate accuracy
      • SpaceCode is the only company to guarantee 100% identification accuracy
    • Product Portfolio: our customers have many different requirements, processes, and real life scenarios
      • the scope and scalability of SpaceCode’s product range meet and exceed our customers’ needs
    • No user constraints: SpaceCode places no limits on how the system must be used to ensure it works accurately – it simply works, 100% every time, all the time
      • No application is too challenging for SpaceCode’s RFID system, whether the item populations are very large, closely stacked or in random orientations, with or without metal and organic material, in a well-defined read range with zero stray reads, static or moving items.

    Our industry commitment, local support service, and extensive track record with leading diamond and jewellery players and Fortune Top 20 healthcare companies make us the RFID provider of choice for our target markets.




    100% accuracy

    Deterministic anti-collision algorithm, + phasing + detuned tags + uniform field physics

    Guarantees that all tags are powered tags and detected tags

    Extensive product portfolio

    We commit completely to our target industries. Products are developed by industry experts to cover all uses, scenarios and permutations

    Other vendor systems are inherently limited and cannot match SpaceCode’s scope

    Outstanding ability to read tags in close proximity

    Advanced phasing + detuned tags + customized tag-to-reader coding and modulation

    Guarantees that large numbers of juxtaposed tags can be read without error

    Excellent ability to read tags in multiple orientations

    Proprietary and sophisticated antenna design + uniform field physics

    Ensures 3D reading of multiple items in any and all orientations

    Large tag population identification

    Deterministic anti-collision algorithm + LF magnetic induction + detuned tags + low-power chip design

    SpaceCode offers the most powerful solution available today and for the foreseeable future

    Dense well-defined read range with zero stray reads

    Proprietary and sophisticated antenna design + uniform and defined field physics + no null spots

    Ensures (i) no tags are falsely detected beyond the antennae range; and (ii) no tags are missed in null spots

    Excellent performance for metal products and environments

    Use of non-resonant tags + optimal RF frequency + phasing

    Ensures full ability to read multiple tags on metal products

    Not affected by organic products and material such as liquids

    Optimal RF frequency + phasing

    Ensures full ability to read on or through organic materials, including liquids and the human body, so tagged products cannot be stolen

    Static identification of items

    Low-frequency magnetic induction has zero null spots

    Items are identified without having to manually manipulate or shake the reader or products to overcome null spots

    High storage capacity and read volume

    Dense magnetic induction physics + minimal impact of metal and organic material on the physics + low-power chip design

    SpaceCode’s system allows for very high numbers of SKU identification

    High security and no spoofing

    System cannot be spoofed, e.g., by concealing tags in the human hand (since low frequency can read through organic material) + tags cannot be read beyond defined read range (no false tag detection)

    Fully secure system with 100% confidence for users

    Low impact on existing infrastructure

    Spacecode’s products are intended to scale successfully to meet the needs of large enterprises with hundreds of thousands or millions of assets

    it’s no surprise that after evaluating numerous RFID systems, leading companies such as Cardinal Health (Fortune Top 20) and Steinmetz Diamond Co. have deployed SpaceCode products.

    Simple installation and minimal inter-product technical and performance variations

    Technology + design + physics parameters ensure highest product quality and minimal product variation

    Scalability and customer satisfaction are assured

    Configuration versatility

    Sophisticated reader and antenna design + sizes + form factors

    System is scalable, flexible and adaptable to numerous use cases and customer requirements

    Minimal electromagnetic interference with other devices

    SpaceCode’s solutions have been fully immunity tested with minimal interference with the environment

    SpaceCode’s products can be used without fear of interference with hospital or office systems