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SpaceCode launches new RFID HEALTHCARE portfolio

Geneva, 1st March 2012

SpaceCode today announces the release of its latest healthcare RFID products.

Craig Cook MD, CEO, says ‘This marks a milestone in RFID technology. We have been perfecting our VORTEX products for a number of years now, and today celebrates the launch of our second generation range of products that are simply unequalled in the market place. Our first generation products were good and adopted widely by our many customers (including a Fortune Top 20 healthcare company), so it is very exciting to be releasing our second generation products that are outstanding – physics have been optimized, our IC techniques perfected, our communications protocol advanced, and the system thoroughly tested in real life situations.’

The new products set a new standard in RFID performance in terms of total accuracy even in RFID hostile environments and applications such as when items are very close to each other, where metal products and environments are present; where organic products and environments are present; where there is an unknown number of products; and where products may be placed in random orientation.

VORTEX™ is unique in its ability to deal with the very specific and demanding challenges of the healthcare industry, including:

- Total reliability mandatory
– High metallic content of products and environments
– High organic content of products and environments
– Large amounts of items, stored in any orientation
– Well defined read ranges required
– No interference with hospital systems
– Advanced software to provide global business intelligence

SpaceCode’s VORTEX™ product suite uses sophisticated powerful software with advanced RFID hardware to provide the leading system of its kind in the Healthcare industry. The product range includes:

- SmartCabinets: for medical devices, surgical instruments, dental tools, and pharmaceutical products. This 3 dimensional system has impressively broad application including automatically controls inventory levels, provides enterprise wide product visibility and monitoring, automates workflow efficiency, manages stock expiration dates and replenishment, reduces scrap and stock outs, provides comprehensive reports and audit, and provides additional security and alerts.
- SmartFridge: for cold chain and perishable products this is a must have for companies looking to closely manage and monitor critical cold chain items, closely manage expiration dates and non valid stocks, and ensure traceability and audit trails for the ‘cold chain of custody’.
- SmartLab: for automated handling of valuable laboratory samples, compounds, and chemicals. This flexible system ensures unparallelled visibility and control for collection, receipt, and processing of samples, enhances monitoring and overall laboratory performance and quality, and assures secure storage.
- NarcoCabinet: this compartmentalised RFID cabinet provides secure item level monitoring and tracking for essential healthcare products such as opiates and vaccines providing comprehensive audit train and inventory control
- NarcoBox: a neat work area device to securely monitor and store registrable drugs such as opiates and other controlled substances.
All products have automated alerts that signal any breach or threat to security. All products can only be controlled by official users who are certified electronically via a secure access card or biometric fingerprint. Other security features include integrated alarm controlled volumetric and shock sensors. Units can be stacked next to or on top of each other without interference.

‘We are confident our VORTEX product range is setting a new benchmark in RFID, and addresses unmet needs for our healthcare customers’ says Paul Davis, Managing Director and Head of Sales.