• SpaceCode RFID Technology

    Our technology comprises three unique components:

    • 1. Communications protocol and algorithm

      SpaceCode pioneered the development of octal/binary tree-search methodology which is used for communication between the tag and reader in a deterministic anti-collision algorithm. The algorithm is formulated to achieve essential performance parameters including guaranteed ability to ensure that all tags in the interrogation volume are detected with 100% accuracy.

    • 2. Integrated circuit chip technology

      SpaceCode chip technology features power-efficient non-tuned tags that do not rely on only one ‘resonant’ or ‘tuned’ frequency. All chip communications are in phase, i.e., signal reply strength from the tag to the reader is maximized for optimal tag detection.

    • 3. Physics (LF)

      SpaceCode harnesses physics by selecting the frequency that is least affected by and that least interferes with the surroundings – thus ensuring maximum reliability, accuracy and utility. Magnetic induction ensures a dense, homogenous field that can be well defined in terms of read range, and that is not adversely affected by metal and liquids..



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    • SpaceCode Technology