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SpaceCode today announces its 20th new customer adopting its cutting edge RFID products during the course of 2012

Geneva, 1st June 2012

Spacecode, a leading provider of premium RFID products, demonstrated its leading position in the diamond industry by announcing that it today secured its 20th new customer for 2012.Paul Davis, Managing Director, says 'this milestone for 2012 cements our leading position in the diamond industry for providing quality RFID products that generate tangible and immediate business benefits for our customers.He goes on to say 'our unique ability to generate 100% accuracy combined with our breadth and depth of products is a very compelling business proposition for companies looking to automate their inventory control, stock monitoring, and enterprise visibility processes.After launching its PLEXUS RFID diamond product portfolio in Q3 2011, SpaceCode has rapidly gained a reputation for its range of quality RFID products tailor made for the diamond industry that is changing the way of business by providing automated 24/7 track and trace, inventory visibility enterprise wide, secure and continuous stock control, seamless process efficiency, comprehensive audit trail and reports, and real time business intelligence. 'The specific advantages of the SpaceCode RFID system - including the unique guaranteed 100% reliability and accuracy, the breadth and depth of our product range, the capability to read 100's/1000's of very closely packed diamond parcels and jewellery, the capability of tracking a parcel paper or a jewellery piece to a particular box, the security of the units provided by biometric access, and our commitment to and knowledge of the diamond and jewellery industry makes us the premium leading RFID provider for diamonds and jewellery processes' says Craig Cook, CEO. 'The enthusiasm of customers for our products since launching our diamond and jewelllery RFID portfolio is testament to the quality and benefits that SpaceCode PLEXUS RFID delivers.'