• No Way!

    Did you know that SpaceCode technology can do some amazing things! While other providers focus on ‘easy RFID’ applications, SpaceCode gets it right with some of the most challenging RFID applications imaginable.

      • SpaceCode RFID can read >500 stents/ICDs/pacemakers, etc, placed in our SmartCabinets

    RFID SmartCabinet

      • SpaceCode RFID can read 500+ fully filled blood bags simultaneously with 100% accuracy

    RFID blood bags

      • SpaceCode’s technology reads through metal!
      • SpaceCode’s technology reads through water and other liquids and organic material including human tissue

        tag hand
    • Low frequency is the most ideal RFID frequency since it is impacted the least by the surrounding environment and causes the least impact to the environment
    • SpaceCode is the only RFID company globally that is able to identify 1000s of tags simultaneously using low frequency, and with 100% reliability