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VORTEX Healthcare Software

As a revolutionary automation and tracking platform, MEDITRACER supports and enhances the unique and often complex workflows used within healthcare settings. Capabilities embedded into the platform include the visibility, control, tracking, monitoring, security and management of clinical, logistical, and commercial processes for utilization of pharmaceuticals, supplies, devices, instruments, equipment, and more.

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SpaceCode’s MEDITRACER software, the engine behind our Total Business Solution, is implemented together with any and all of our datacabinets. Together, our hardware and software combine to provide a system that offers the highest level of automation, visibility, and secure stock management while at the same time helping to reduce time-consuming, labour intensive, error-prone manual processes and inefficiencies. The system helps…

  • clinicians and administrators to improve workflow efficiency
  • hospitals to improve inventory control and tracking
  • healthcare institutions to increase profitability
  • organizations to enhance reputation by allowing more time for patient care, clinical outcomes, and patient satisfaction
  • patients to enjoy better quality of care
  • supply chain to manage high worth inventory, ensure clinicians have quick access to the items they need, in the quantities they need
  • regulators to have comprehensive audit trials, reports, and alerts related to movements of these products
  • clinical staff to increase productivity and eliminate burdensome and inefficient manual processes
  • financial staff to increase charge capture and billing accuracy
  • logistics staff to better manage expiration dates and recalls, and reduce high-value inventory diversion
  • computer systems to generate strong data sets on business processes, implement process monitoring and controls, and user friendly reporting
  • suppliers to improve availability of supplies and reduce scrap and stock outs
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