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VORTEX MediCare SmartBoard


This plug and play worksurface RFID reader is ideal for use with fast moving products and samples such as laboratory specimens as they are moved between individuals, departments, and processes. Accurately controls and accelerates workflow, reduces manual involvement and errors, and seamlessly manages test specimens securely and reliably. As a result SpaceCode RFID eliminates inefficiencies, increases reliability of laboratory logistics, and enables faster more profitable tracking of laboratory supplies and specimens.


Key Features

  • Quick stock counting
  • Eliminates inventory control bottlenecks
  • Simple workflow integration
  • Easy to use

Product Highlights

  • 100% reliability not affected by metal, liquid, juxtaposition, or random orientation
  • 1D and 3D reading versions
  • USB and Ethernet connection options
  • Well defined read range with active area up to a height of about 15 cm, or two – three layers, above the board
  • Capacity 100’s of items