The SmartBox is a compact mini-safe used for storing, tracking and tracing high-value loose diamonds labelled with Spacecode RFID /LED tags. Typically placed inside a safe or vault, it is the ideal solution for the inventory management requirements of receiving goods and for checking and validating their presence inside.

The SmartBox can only be opened by authorised personnel via fingerprint recognition and constantly records exactly who accessed the device, when it was accessed, what was put in or taken out, and where the transaction occurred – anywhere in the world. Alerts are also created to inform management as soon as it happens, ensuring any issues are dealt with immediately at the source.

The revolutionary LED “pick to light” tag feature facilitates instant identification of a specific item or items inside the box, saving precious time on manual searches and protecting against oversights. Users can find the exact diamond that they are looking for, at the exact moment it is required.

Where are SmartBoxes providing added value to companies?

  • Logging of every transaction: what diamond was added or removed, when and where did it occur, and who did it
  • Detect and report a problem as soon as it happens at the source, thus saving time when it counts
  • Instant identification of a diamond with LED tags
  • Constant track-and-trace of stock movement
  • Keep high-value items totally secure
  • Alerts management if the door is not properly locked or closed in a timely manner

Do you need a SmartBox?

The SmartBox is used around the world in diamond facilities all day, every day to monitor and record the movement of high-value loose diamonds.

Features and Benefits at a Glance

  • Stores, monitors and tracks high-value diamond inventory 24/7
  • Biometric fingerprint access by authorized personnel
  • Easy to use and simple workflow integration for inventory management
  • 100% accuracy – tags not affected by metal or liquids
  • Well-defined read range – no stray reads
  • LED “pick to light” feature
  • Door open/closed detection and warning
  • USB connection
  • Data can be read and reviewed using a tablet, cell phone or PC

Diamond Facilities using the SmartBox:

  • Factories
  • Sales Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Auction Houses

Types of items being processed using SmartBoxes today:

  • Loose diamonds
  • Diamond Parcels
  • Gemological Reports