SmartDrawer for Diamond Companies

Introducing the SmartDrawer – the revolution in diamond inventory management and storage. Track-and-trace for thousands of diamonds in real time. Find one or more items immediately using “pick to light” technology. Integrates with any ERP for comprehensive reporting.

The SmartDrawer securely manages and stores large numbers of diamonds (3,000-8,000 diamond parcels, depending on the size of the stones). An innovative storage and management system, the SmartDrawer provides advanced inventory control of items and securely tracks and stores them enabling real-time inventory viewable 24/7.

State-of-the-art technology ensures that access to and control of the SmartDrawer Plus is made by authorized users only via a secure access card or biometric fingerprint. Registered users gain access to the drawers via the built-in touch screen after selection is made in their existing ERP.

Each drawer is equipped with an individual RFID antenna for faster reading and instantaneous detection of an item. The system identifies which drawer the required item is placed in and immediately lights up the RFID/LED tag attached to the item, enabling the assigned user to pick it out immediately using our “pick to light” technology.

No sorting is required as the system automatically identifies in which drawer individual items are stored. The automated stock count is  extraordinarily fast with 100% reading accuracy.

After items are removed and the drawer is closed, an automated inventory count occurs to facilitate 24/7 track-and-trace monitoring.

Key Features at a Glance
  • 100% reading accuracy not affected by metal, juxtaposition
  • Ethernet connection
  • Wi-Fi connection (SmartDrawer Plus Only)
  • LED “pick to light” feature identifies items at a glance
  • Biometric or Card access for user track-and-trace
  • Capacity to store and secure thousands of items
  • Integrates with any ERP for comprehensive reporting
  • Built-in wheels structure designed for easy transportation
  • Automated 24/7 inventory track-and-trace from anywhere
  • Always-On Smart Software ensures data is always accessible
  • Instant visibility worldwide enhancing security and monitoring
Do you need a SmartDrawer?

The SmartDrawer is being integrated into diamond offices around the world to revolutionize their processes, reduce costs, eliminate pre-sorting, facilitate efficient service to clients and speed up exports while ensuring complete track-and-trace of goods together with significant reporting abilities.

Facilities using the SmartDrawer:
  • Diamond factories
  • Diamond sales offices
  • Diamond retailers
  • Jewelry manufacturers