SmartPad by Spacecode for RFID management of watches, diamonds and jewelry


The SmartPad is a compact reader used to quickly and simultaneously identify small numbers of loose diamonds or parcel papers labelled with Spacecode RFID/LED tags in a defined orientation. It is ideal for automatically monitoring and counting diamonds in rapid and repetitive processes by reading information and is used for quickly associating an RFID tag with an item in your database. The SmartPad can uniquely connect via USB to:

  • A weight scale to automatically capture the weight of the diamonds
  • Biometric identification system for track-and-trace 
 What do SmartPads do for companies?
  • Scale for updating changes in the associated data/history of an item
  • Rapid monitoring
  • Automated data capture
  • Simplified issuing and receiving of individual items
  • Secure track-and-trace of items between departments or specific personnel
  • Speedy stock count
  • LED “pick to light” feature
Who is using the SmartPad today?

The SmartPad is used around the world in diamond sales offices, factories and auction houses to issue and receive items in small quantities, associate RFID tags to items and capture the weight of loose diamonds.

Features and Benefits at a Glance
  • User friendly compact unit with 100% reading accuracy not affected by metal, liquids or juxtaposition
  • Data can be read and reviewed using a tablet, cellphone or PC
  • LED “pick to light” feature instantly identifies items
  • USB connection to weight scale
Types of Facilities using the SmartPad:
  • Diamond manufacturing facilities
  • Diamond sales offices
  • Auction houses
Types of items being processed using SmartPads today:
  • Diamonds
  • Grading reports