Spacecode Fridge RFID-enabled for blood bank inventory management and track-and-trace
Spacecode Fridge RFID-enabled for blood bank inventory management and track-and-trace

Spacecode Fridge for Blood Banks

The Spacecode Fridge is used by blood banks for storing and  tracking blood bags as they move between points.

Spacecode’s revolutionary LED “pick to light” tag records the blood bag`s storage temperature and time in/out. When blood is needed for a surgical procedure or transfusion, a search is made for the specific blood requirements and the light on the LED tag indicates the designated blood bags to be used. Unused blood is returned to the fridge which automatically records the length of time the bag was outside.

The “pick to light” tag instantly identifies the exact location of a bag inside the fridge, saving precious time on manual searches and protecting against oversights, removal of incorrect bags and potential delivery to the wrong patient. The tag also includes critical safety information such as the patient`s blood type, donation number and expiration date.

The fridge can only be opened by authorised personnel via RFID access control and constantly records exactly who accessed it, when it was accessed, what bag was added or removed, and where the transaction occurred.

Where are Spacecode Fridges providing added-value?
  • Prevents danger to human life by eradicating human error in blood storage
  • Tracks blood products in transit from the blood bank to the point of care
  • Stops wastage of donated blood
  • Guarantees blood transfusion safety
  • Facilitates provisioning, invoicing and avoid stock shortages
  • Significant ROI
  • Workflow efficiency and productivity
  • Updates inventories quickly and in real time
  • Reliable track-and-trace of blood bag movement
Do you need a Spacecode Fridge?

Spacecode’s SmartFridge is used in blood banks to simplify operations, make inventory control easy, maintain patient safety, reduce human error that can be fatal for the patient and improve accuracy in the secure, controlled environment needed in cold storage applications.

Features and benefits at a glance
  • Automatic inventory once the door is closed
  • Permanent online stock
  • Biometric or ID card access
  • Digital temperature control and alarm
  • Alarm for door open
  • Full inventory traceability with paperless records
  • 100% reading accuracy not affected by metal, liquids juxtaposition
  • Quick stock counting
  • Comprehensive cold chain of custody trail
  • Ethernet connection
  • Data can be read and reviewed using a tablet, cell phone or PC
Healthcare Facilities using the Spacecode Fridge:
  • Blood banks
  • Transfusion centers
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Outpatient clinics
Items being processed using the Spacecode Fridge today:
  • Blood bags
  • Blood plasma
  • Blood platelets