Spacecode RFID diamond inventory management offers total business solutions for visibility and control in every management step of your loose diamond business. We take diamond inventory management to the next level via seamless tracking of your diamond assets including movement between salespeople, offices or global locations.

Spacecode has spearheaded the adoption of intelligent inventory management throughout the diamond pipeline. Our unique polished diamond asset track and trace solution facilitates robust diamond inventory processes for track-and-trace, anti-theft and reports per item.

Diamond companies of all sizes can now secure their high-value items, optimize productivity and enjoy real-time visibility of the location and movement of any single certified or non-certified diamond item in their inventory.  

View the data & history of individual diamonds or lots, including who accessed an item, when they accessed it, and where it is at any time. Diamond weights can be recorded and monitored throughout manufacturing and sales processes.

Our RFID diamond tags are an industry standard with over 10 million diamonds tracked and located via the ‘pick to light’ system. Diamond companies can find specific goods in their stock immediately, eliminate costly sorting and locating processes and exponentially increase their sales and exports. 

Spacecode diamond inventory management solutions have been integrated into diamond businesses of every size and type from diamond manufacturers, trading offices, auction houses to grading facilities.

Our RFID diamond solutions guarantee:
  • Automated real-time monitoring and security of diamond assets for companies
  • Automated diamond inventory audits and reports with 24/7 visibility
  • LED diamond tags \\’pick to light\\’ to locate and retrieve items immediately
  • 100% reading accuracy ensures your inventory is always counted and secured
  • Tags that read through metal, liquids and organic material
  • Easy integration into your own software database
  • Piece of mind for diamond company insurers and bankers
Benefits for diamond companies:
  • Save time locating and identifying items to show or sell fast
  • Eliminate pre-sorting for your stones
  • ‘Pick to Light’ LED tags for instant identification of required stones or lots
  • Focus on your business and not on managing inventory
  • Reduce labor costs by fast-tracking the selection, showing, packing & shipping of diamonds
  • Secure your goods with biometric access for users