Laser Tissue Welding, Inc. Deploys Spacecode Technology

Press Release, October 15, 2014, Paris: In a significant technological breakthrough, Houston-based Laser Tissue Welding, Inc. has deployed Spacecode’s 360-3D and 100% tag read systems for its RFID smart devices. LTW is a biotherapeutic corporation that commercializes a complex laser-biologic combination device capable of instant hemostasis and sealing without thermal damage or ablation.

LTW’s CEO Dr Yasmin Wadia said that the company wanted to track and trace, record chain of custody, and have access control metrics and real-time visualization of its inventory status in-house at its plant and at point-of-care locations on a phone, tablet or computer anywhere and at any time that internet access was available. “The idea was to set in place a seamless automated interconnected system consisting of smart RFID access controlled hardware (refrigerators, cupboards, boxes and boards) and custom-encrypted server-based software in the cloud to keep track of literally all our operations, starting from in-process manufacturing and quality control, right through to distribution and point-of-care at an item level of all our temperature-sensitive biologic products worldwide”, said Wadia. This was a prerequisite to preempt customer demands with just-in-time lean manufacturing and to offer them time-saving automatic order replenishment as an option. This could also identify counterfeit products and comply with the FDA and EU-mandated Global Unique Device Identifier (GUID) rules and establish an automatic chain of custody record without human intervention.

Wadia noted that LTW faced several hurdles: “For example, the RFID technology used for blood bank or pharmaceutical automated tracking used either HF (13.56 MHz) or UHF 865-868 MHz (Europe) 902-928 MHz (North America) tags and readers which would not work with our products, because they have to go through liquid and metal foil components. We also couldn’t find companies that could assure us of a 360-3D or 100% tag read. Then there was the problem of the PC hardware being able to store data indefinitely for years and have the capability to upload data wirelessly over Wi-Fi to the cloud when connected to the internet. Data could never be lost even with prolonged loss of internet connectivity. And to assure the quality of our life-saving products, we required alerts for product expiration, log and alerts for out of range storage temperature from individual smart fridges.”

Wadia said she found Spacecode while googling for solution providers with RFID deployment capability. Spacecode was in the business of tracking thousands of diamonds a day in tiny packages and had the capability of 100% 360-3D tag read through metal using LF (125 kHz) tags together with their proprietary LF reader technology. “They were able to develop an incredible suite of elegant smart hardware products and customized software to address our current and future global growth needs which has exceeded all our expectations.”

Dr Yasmin Wadia is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Laser Tissue Welding, Inc., located in Humble, Texas. She received her initial training in general surgery and cardiothoracic and vascular surgery from Bombay University in India. She is the main inventor of the albumin biomaterial and surgical application of the laser tissue welding device to repair solid visceral organs. Dr Wadia won the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 award from the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce in Houston.