Spacecode and Bossert Develop RFID label for Jewelry Tracking

Press Release, January 16, 2014, Paris: Spacecode Technologies has developed a new RFID tag with the German company Bossert for jewelry inventory management. Bossert, based in Birkenfeld, produces tags, labels and other product marking devices and the new RFID tag will be embedded in these devices, allowing for automatic identification and tracking, accurate inventory control and tight business operations.

The Jewelry Tag is a rectangular 26 x 16 mm black plastic tag designed to be attached to objects with high metallic content, such as jewels or watches, in the PLEXUS™ RFID system. It is made from a plastic injection mold integrating a Spacecode Ruby Inlay. The front side of the inlay has space for a self-adhesive label containing a 2D or Datamatrix code representing the chip unique identifier number or any other custom information requirements. The Jewelry Tag is finished with a 70mm string for reusable attachments to the traced items.