Spacecode Expands its SLTT Product Portfolio

Press Release, March 7th, 2015, Paris: SpaceCode Technologies has released three new RFID tags using its SLTT (SpaceCode LED Tag Technology). The company’s SPC E2 chip now comes in three variations:

  • The 59.35/DFT/LED/S/A is a soft label that can be stuck on any product such as diamond parcel paper, medical drug boxes, documents, etc.
  • The 59.35/DFT/LED/R/N/W is a robust casing tag used in the diamond industry.
  • The VT23-1/E2/LED has been developed to be embedded into the Berlinger lausanne Kit, the new generation of high-security containers that guarantees the accurate collection and safe storage of urine and blood samples for workplace testing and onward transportation to the analyzing laboratory.