Spacecode Launches New RFID Luxury Goods Portfolio

Press Release, November 30, 2011, Geneva: Spacecode, a specialist award winning RFID technology company that provides Total Business Solutions comprising advanced software, innovative hardware, and comprehensive RFID workflow automation technologies, today announces the launch of its exciting new PLEXUS RFID portfolio products for the Luxury Goods industry.

‘Today is a defining moment for RFID in Luxury Goods’ says Craig Cook, CEO. ‘Our PLEXUS™ product range achieves remarkable performance for our customers. This system will undoubtedly generate a revolution in how business is done currently, and we expect will become the new way of business in the near future’.

Paul Davis, Head of Sales, is similarly excited about the new product range. ‘After many years of developing and perfecting the system, we are confident that Spacecode’s PLEXUS will ensure that Spacecode builds on it market leading position and will dominate the industry as customers experience the benefits of the system’, says Mr Davis.
This robust platform allows managers to know at any time who is/had handled a product, when & where it had been handled, and where it is in real time, ensuring:

  • automated 24/7 track-and-trace
  • inventory visibility enterprise wide
  • indisputable stock control
  • seamless process efficiency
  • continuous monitoring and security
  • comprehensive audit trail and reports

Spacecode’s PLEXUS™ product suite combines sophisticated software with advanced RFID hardware to provide the leading system of its kind in the Luxury Goods industry. The product range includes:

RFIDSpacecodeBoard: a flat desktop RFID reader that can read ’00’s of items anywhere on or above its surface. It is ideal for rapid and reliable reading of items as they are transferred through various linked processes or departments

RFIDSmartBox: this neat RFID cabinet is perfectly suited for storing, monitoring and tracking high value inventory in a secure to provide secure asset tracking and storage for large amounts of tags (100’s) simultaneously. It can also be placed inside a safe where it can act as an intelligent safe.

RFIDSpacecodeCabinet: a large RFID enabled cabinet that manages and stores very high numbers of items (10,000’s) placed in any orientation. It provides automated counting, control, monitoring, and security for large amounts of stored items placed in the cabinet.

RFIDSpacecodeSAS: this dual front and back access cabinet monitors and controls large numbers of items (1,000’s) as they are transferred between personnel and/or departments in an electronically monitored “handshake” between processes, personnel and departments.

RFIDSpacecodeMiniSAS: this RFID enabled drawer quickly tracks the exchange of a small number of goods (10’s or 100’s) as they are handed from one person to the next. Dual front and back access both provides and monitors an always on digital ‘handshake’ as goods are moved through that can scrutinize in real time how long items have been held by a person, where and when items exchanged hands and when this all took place.

RFIDSpacecodeStation: designed to quickly and track and read small quantities (up to 5) items placed in a defined orientation, the unit is mounted on/under a desk or shelf and is ideal for automated monitoring and counting of single or few items in rapid and repetitive processes.
All products have automated alerts that signal any breach or threat to security. All products can only be controlled by official users who are certified electronically via a secure access card or biometric fingerprint. Other security features include integrated alarm controlled volumetric and shock sensors. Units can be stacked next to or on top of each other without interference.

PLEXUS SmartDevices continuously and automatically scan thousands of diamonds or jewellery items with complete reliability and with no manual intervention. Stock is counted, identified, and located automatically and repeatedly. This significantly increases the level of accuracy, control, monitoring, and security in real time. Delays, inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and errors associated with physical counts and manual locating processes are eliminated. ‘This breadth and depth of product offering is simply unequalled in Luxury Goods which demonstrates both Spacecode expertise, commitment, and knowledge of the industry’ says Paul Davis.