Spacecode Launches Unique RFID Blisterpack Solution 

Press Release, November 20, 2005, Geneva:  Blisterpacks are used extensively in the global pharmaceutical supply chain. Due to the presence of aluminium and metal that interfere with radio frequency signals , there have been no RFID solutions available that can be used with blisterpacks. Spacecode, a leading RFID provider focused on developing RFID systems for challenging healthcare and pharmaceutical applications, today announced that it has successfully developed and piloted the only available RFID solution for alu-alu blisterpacks.

‘Combining our core technology with extensive pharmaceutical expertise has resulted in development of this novel first-in-class solution able to deliver complete reliability and accurate tracking, tracing and authentication of blisterpacks and other metal packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. To our knowledge this is the only solution of its kind in the world’ says Paul Davis, Managing Director of Spacecode.

“We are continuing to experience an extremely high demand for Spacecode RFID hardware, software, and services. The company has expanded both its manufacturing lines and product offerings to give our systems integrator and end-user customers the flexibility and scalability to innovatively apply RFID solutions in their businesses. This is testament to the success of our strategic decision of providing end to end RFID solutions for specific unmet market needs” says Pavlo Protopapa, CEO.