Spacecode Sets Up Partnership with Sarine Technologies

Press Release, November 28, 2012, Paris: Spacecode, the RFID solutions provider to the gem and jewelry industry, has partnered with Sarine Technologies to commercialize, distribute and support its market-leading RFID products and accessories. The products are renowned for real-time product visibility, workflow automation, inventory monitoring, instantaneous information and highly effective traceability.

Spacecode’s CEO Craig Cook emphasized both the rapid return on investment and substantial benefits in critical business areas for companies using this superior business method. “Our systems are speedy and work with very large populations of diamond parcels, with very closely stacked parcel papers and random orientation with jewellery or other metal items. We offer a well-defined read range and no stray reads for static or moving items without the need to intervene manually to move or shake items. This ensures increased efficiency enterprise-wide.”

Highlighting the new partnership, Cook said that “We believe Sarine’s leading market position and strong brand recognition will advance our efforts to provide the rough and polished diamond industries with the best RFID inventory control systems available today.”

Sarine’s CEO Uzi Levami echoed Cook, saying that he expected Sarine’s customers to significantly benefit from the new Spacecode products. “We believe the timely and accurate control of inventory can help optimize the manufacturing workflow and streamline the selling process, as will our new Sarine LightTM and Sarine LoupeTM visualization systems, and contribute to the profitability of the industry”.