Introducing the SmartDrawer – the revolution in diamond inventory management and storage. Track-and-trace for thousands of diamonds in real time. Find one or more items immediately using ‘pick to light’ technology. Integrates with any ERP for comprehensive reporting.


A desktop reader which features 3D reading capability that is used in processing and reading large numbers (several 100s) as they are passed between processes and individuals


A compact desktop reader used for item identification and ideal for automated monitoring and counting of items in rapid and repetitive processes.


An award-winning dual-access RFID cabinet fitted with two doors. It is mounted in a wall so that goods can be moved between physically separated areas by biometrically authorized users.


A reader used in fast-moving processes for counting, identifying, tracking and reading small quantities of items (up to 40) placed on the device.


The SmartCabinet, with biometric fingerprint access, is used to securely track and store very large numbers of items (up to 10,000). Counting inventory is several 100 times faster than doing it manually, with zero errors.


The RFID SmartFridge is the ideal storage device for all perishable and cold-chain inventory. It eliminates waste and inefficiency, and closely manages expiration dates and non-valid stocks


SpacecodeFreezer is a high-performance and intelligent freezer developed to ensure robust traceability of blood products and plasma in storage.


The SmartRack provides intelligent storage and actionable monitoring for long-standing or hanging products such as ablation catheters, AAA grafts or guiding catheters. Spacecode’s powerful RFID technology eliminates manual counting errors in the stocktaking process and provides real-time actionable product visibility, workflow automation and inventory monitoring. The result is more effective workflows, maximal inventory control, optimized patient care and lower costs.