Spacecode provides RFID diamond inventory management and track-and-trace throughout the diamond pipeline. Our proprietary diamond inventory solutions use state of the art RFID technology (hardware and software) to facilitate robust diamond inventory processes for track-and-trace, anti-theft and streamlining of work processes for diamond companies and laboratories around the world.

Our unique RFID/LED tags for diamond inventory are an industry standard enabling ‘pick to light’ to find goods exactly when you need them.

Companies using the Spacecode RFID inventory solution for diamonds have increased security for high-value items, optimize productivity throughout the processes, reduce labor costs, have real-time inventory control and increase their capacity for sorting and shipments exponentially.

Our RFID Diamond solutions guarantee:
  • Revolutionary automatic identification of items using unique “pick to light” LED
  • Automated 24/7 track-and-trace
  • Real-time monitoring and security
  • Automatic audit trail and reports
Benefits for diamond companies:
  • Save time locating and identifying items
  • “Pick to light” LED means you can find a diamond in an instant
  • Replace labor-intensive stock takes with instant stock take whenever you want
  • Automate your administrative demands
  • Know your stock. All day. Every day.