Spacecode’s healthcare solutions revolutionize inventory management and traceability through RFID technology, resulting in more effective workflows, improved inventory control, optimized patient care and lower costs.

With extensive experience in the healthcare industry, Spacecode is working towards shaping the future of healthcare inventory track-and-trace in laboratories, private clinics, hospitals, blood banks and more.

  • Prevent human error at the source, thus saving time when it counts
  • Continuous temperature monitoring of blood and specimens
  • Maintain fresh and safe inventory
  • Simultaneous track-and-trace of multiple products
  • Automatic track-and-trace across different machines and locations
  • Instant localization and validation with LED tags
  • Paperless records
  • Reconciliation of data with physical reality
  • Workflow efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced inventory and staff management
  • Significant ROI