SmartBoard for BloodBanks
Spacecode Board for RFID Blood Bank Inventory Management

The Spacecode Board is an intelligent desktop RFID reader designed to quickly process, read and ensure efficient track-and-trace management of blood bags, blood plasma and platelet components. Spacecode RFID/ LED tags are attached to individual items that are placed on the Spacecode Board facilitating stringent inventory management controls, saving precious time on manual searches and protecting against oversights.

The Spacecode Board for RFID blood bank inventory management fast-tracks the labor-intensive work of blood bank monitoring and stocktaking by offering rapid and reliable reading of devices as they are transferred through various processing steps and members of staff until reaching the patient. The device plays a crucial role in the prevention of manual errors, stock loss and expiration of blood bags and shortages.

\’Pick to Light\’ offers instant identification of blood-related items requested for patients – reducing oversights, increasing patient safety and saving precious time.

Where are Spacecode Boards providing added value to blood banks?
  • Facilitate provisioning, invoicing and avoid stock shortages
  • Reduce manual interventions that can lead to errors and thus increase efficient stocktaking and monitoring
  • Prevent human error at the source, thus saving time when it counts
  • Eliminate the need for any type of pre-sorting of items
  • Reduce sorting to a fraction of the time with the LED tags
  • Reliable track-and-trace of stock movement
  • Speedy stock count
  • Revolutionize processes and systems
Do you need a Spacecode Board?

The Spacecode Board for RFID blood bank inventory management is used each and every day to track and trace items between hospital departments, associating items for RFID management and to locate individual items when required.

Features and benefits at a glance
  • Easy to use and simple workflow integration
  • 100% RFID reading accuracy not affected by metal, liquids or juxtaposition
  • Well-defined read range with active area up to a height of approximately 15 cm or two to three layers above the board
  • LED “pick to light” feature identifies items at a glance
  • Quick stock counting
  • 3D reading capabilities
  • USB and Ethernet connections
  • Blood bank data can be read and reviewed using a tablet, cell phone or PC
Blood Banks using the Spacecode Board
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Blood transfusion centers
Types of blood bank items being processed using Spacecode Boards
  • Blood plasma
  • Blood platelets
  • Blood bags