RFID-powered data analytics & inventory management for jewelers

JewelTrace delivers transformational inventory management to jewelers using a seamless platform of innovative technology that will become the new industry standard and way of doing business.

The JewelTrace components (hardware, software and jewelry tags) track and capture live data of individual items inside the store and provide key business intelligence analytics for jewelers to understand their customer trends, merchandise performance and sales conversions.

Built-in customer experience tools include instant sharing of items and their details via email, whatsapp etc., displaying items not in stock and detailed item comparisons. Easy to capture customer details and tracking of viewed items enhances seamless service and facilitates hyper-personalized marketing campaigns.

With JewelTrace, jewelry inventory management is efficient, simple and trackable. Specific items are located instantly and stock-take of entire store inventory is completed in minutes.

To learn more and get a demo visit: www.jeweltrace.com