Spacecode Appoints Olivier Waridel as CEO of Spacecode Healthcare

Spacecode Media Release, Geneva, Switzerland, February 5, 2019: Spacecode is pleased to announce the appointment of Olivier Waridel as Chief Executive Officer of Spacecode Healthcare, a division of Spacecode Technologies.

 “Olivier’s extensive experience in leading healthcare-focused global enterprises makes him the ideal CEO to lead Spacecode Healthcare. We are excited to start building with him our plans to scale technology, offerings, network, and target markets for the enhancement of healthcare providers and patient services,” said Pavlo Protopapa, CEO and Chairman of Spacecode.

Olivier has spent his career working in innovative healthcare environments. He served as CEO of Biosafe Group Geneva Area, Switzerland from April 2012 to July 2016, a company active in lab automation for stem cells, regenerative medicine & immunotherapy. Olivier worked with Biosafe for a total of 15 years, helping grow the company from four to 100 employees, expand into five locations and led a successful acquisition of the company by GE Healthcare in 2016.

Following the acquisition, Olivier worked at GE Healthcare, as General Manager Cell Banking and Point of Care. He oversaw the integration of Biosafe into GE Cell Therapy business unit as well as focusing on Cord Blood Banking, Transplantation & Personalized medicine, with a key milestone, securing the first and major deal of Biosafe’s product in China ($12 Million) by partnering with a private cord blood bank. 

Prior to joining Biosafe Group SA, he was Global Life Sciences Project Manager for Norgren from 2005-2008 and worked on Endoart’s development of a gastric banding implantable device.

Olivier studied engineering at ETS Geneva and was raised in Sao Paulo.

Olivier Waridel can be reached at: