Spacecode and Kirsch Medical Announce Collaboration

Press Release, April 14, 2013, Offenburg, Germany: Spacecode Healthcare services announced their collaboration with Kirsch Medical for RFID-enabled equipment on April 14. The collaboration will focus on developing and deploying intelligent blood management systems using a combination of SpaceCode RFID-enabled technology integrated into Kirsch fridges and freezers for blood banks, hospitals, and other cold chain products such as pharmaceutical vaccines. Kirsch manufactures a range of professional refrigerators and freezers for the global healthcare industry and for laboratories. The collaboration aims at bolstering ongoing and future initiatives in bringing new workflow automation, visibility, and inventory control solutions to the healthcare industry.

Emphasizing the significance of the alliance in delivering groundbreaking products, Spacecode CEO Pavlo Protopapa noted Kirsch Medical’s outstanding products and said that “We are looking forward to this collaboration and believe it will help to bring promising new solutions to the healthcare supply chain.” Kirsch Medical CEO Dr Jochen Kopitzke echoed Protopapa, saying that “Spacecode’s deep expertise and knowledge in technology complement Kirsch’s decades of experience and track record in quality pharmaceutical and healthcare products. We look forward to working with our Spacecode colleagues to translate technology into novel cold chain control and storage products”.