SSpacecode Drawer for RFID Diamond Inventory Management with 'pick to light'

Spacecode RFID Drawer

Introducing the Spacecode Drawer – the revolution in inventory management and storage. RFID track-and-trace for thousands of items.

Spacecode Board for RFID diamond inventory management with 'pick to light'

Spacecode RFID Board

Bestseller desktop RFID reader with 3D reading capability for processing and tracking large numbers of items.

Diamond Inventory Management and Healthcare Inventory Management - RFID Spacecode Pad for asset tracking and real-time monitoring

Spacecode RFID Pad

The compact reader used for item identification, automated monitoring and counting of items in rapid and repetitive processes.

Diamond Inventory Management - RFID Spacecode SAS for asset tracking and real-time monitoring (T)

Spacecode RFID SAS

An award-winning dual-access RFID cabinet with two doors enabling items to be moved between physically separated areas using biometric access.

Blood Inventory Management - RFID Spacecode Station for track and trace of blood bags, blood plasma and platelets (T)

Spacecode RFID Station

A unique RFID desktop reader used in fast-moving processes to count, identify, track and read items placed on the device.

Healthcare Inventory Management - RFID Spacecode Cabinet for stents, catheters, pacemakers and medical devices

Spacecode RFID Cabinets

RFID Cabinet with biometric fingerprint access securely tracks and stores large numbers of items (up to 10,000) & offers real-time inventory control.

Spacecode Fridge RFID enabled for inventory management and track-and-trace of specimens

Spacecode RFID Fridges

RFID storage fridges for perishable and cold-chain inventory in the healthcare industry. Real-time inventory, eliminates waste and increases efficiency.

Spacecode Freezer FID-enabled for blood bank inventory management and track-and-trace

Spacecode RFID Freezer

A high-performance and intelligent RFID freezer ensuring robust traceability and real-time inventory of blood products and plasma in storage.

Spacecode Rack - Cutting-edge RFID technology for Cath Labs

Spacecode RFID Rack

Intelligent RFID storage and actionable monitoring for long-standing or hanging products such as ablation catheters, AAA grafts or guiding catheters.