Spacecode Announces Expansion of its Chip Portfolio

Press Release, March 23, 2007, London: Spacecode, a vertically integrated RFID company providing end to end solutions including chips, tags, readers, and integration, today announced the development and industrialization of its BluCHIP R7.

The youngest member of the 125kHz RFID family, BluCHIP R7 will be introduced to the market Q4 2006. It allows RFID to enter new areas of application with a unique combination of features and full alignment with EPC numbering formats.

BluCHIP R7 will be a novel read/write transponder chip able to operate in magnetic induction RFID modes. The chip offers unique reading dynamics, allowing reading range of several meters and memory sizes of 1, 2, and 4 kB, compared to 128Kb of memory in the in competitor products. The new RFID chips can be used for more than 100,000 write cycles, at a data-transfer rate of 212 kb/s. A 32-bit key code is used as part of the write process.

The chips can retain data for at least 10 years, making them well suited for high-performance industrial applications. The chip will be driven by a passive RFID tag engine offering advanced anticollision circuitry for reading multiple tags in the same reader field. A unique non resonant feature which minimizes the detuning effect of adjacent tags will allow superior performance for metallic items or environments, organic items or environments, and when multiple items are in close proximity or multiple orientations. Extremely low power consumption for extended read range, 154 bits of user memory and proven Manchester coding protocol are additional features.

Security designs on the chip allow mutual authentication, encrypted data communication and password protection. The content of the memory can also be permanently locked. BluCHIP features the same operating range for read and write operation, which is a unique feature for 125kHz systems. Target applications for the BluCHIP are Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, FMCG, Luxury Goods and Anti-counterfeiting.