SpaceCode Deploys High Performance RFID Systems for Metal Environments

Press Release, April 21, 2008, Geneva: Spacecode, a specialist RFID company focused on applications for hostile environments, has released its much anticipated new and expanded product portfolio of tags, readers, and software for deployment into its target markets of healthcare, anti-counterfeiting, luxury goods and industrial.

Through a combination of an advanced anti-collision communications protocol, novel chip technology, and optimal harnessing of radio frequency physics, Spacecode is generating unequaled and complete reliability for customers adopting RFID in environments previously believed to be incompatible with reliable RFID deployment. Paul Davis, Managing Director, says ‘the continued impressive growth of the company and genuine traction in its target markets is testament to the advanced performance and reliability of the Spacecode technology’. He continues that Spacecode is the only system worldwide that provides anti-collision capability in magnetic induction low frequencies RFID. This ensures unique and superior performance for rapidly identifying large volumes of tags in hostile environments despite the extensive presence of metal, liquid, close proximity and multiple orientations.

A result of more than 40 man years of focused research and development effort, our patented solutions are now setting the standard in magnetic induction based RFID solutions for hostile environments; and are delivering easy to use and scalable solutions that enable 100% identification and reliability. These cutting edge solutions provide breakthrough innovations that are generating clear competitive advantage for our clients.