SpaceCode Launches New R8 Chip

Press Release, September 15, 2010, Paris: Spacecode has successfully tested engineering samples of its next-generation R8 Integrated Circuit (IC), offering advanced performance in RFID hostile environments. This new IC platform allows RFID customers and integrators to select the optimal tag IC for their application performance and price requirements.

It is intended to meet demand for high volume, small size, low cost RFID tags for covert or overt integration into products for our focus markets which include luxury goods, medical and anti-counterfeiting.

The additional functionality ensures complete reliability in harsh RFID environments for metal items and environments, liquid based products, and items in close proximity and multiple orientations. The IC platform is designed to offer maximum resilience, flexibility, scalability and affordability for clients.

The new IC from engineering lot wafers is available in smaller quantities and is shipping. The R8 production wafers will be available at the beginning of 2011.

This latest release follows on the success of previous versions of our chip portfolio, and incorporates feedback from customers adopting Spacecode RFID solutions.