Press Release, March 3, 2008, Geneva: Spacecode, a focused and comprehensive provider of RFID based covert anti-counterfeiting technology to the luxury goods and healthcare industry, reaches another milestone by the provision of secure and efficient authentication of products at any stage of their lifecycle.

Spacecode develops advanced solutions that address unsolved issues of current state-of-the-art anti-counterfeiting technologies and products. These include the inability of current systems to provide 100% authentication of products, inadequate security features, prohibitive costs, lack of solutions able to be covertly integrated in enterprise processes and the inability to overcome technical obstacles. Spacecode’s unique expertise allows for solutions that address unmet market needs. The solutions are customisable to different use cases and industries prone to illicit trade, providing secure management of both ‘data-on-network’ and ‘data-on-tag’ that will be used to implement secure product verification processes.

The ‘Spacecode Covert Marking’™ product portfolio is an RFID based anti-counterfeiting platform unequalled in all aspects by other solutions’ says Managing Director, Paul Davis, ‘due to its ability to read even when concealed within a product (including metal), ability to elude counterfeiters, low cost and the capacity to be used for all of tracking, tracing and authenticating purposes.’ The covert markings are not susceptible to deletion or tampering by counterfeiters (or grey marketers) since they are invisible and not evident; and their presence and utilization is difficult to detect. The sophistication and security of the solution makes reproducibility very difficult (if not impossible) and very costly for criminals who know that the obstacles presented to copying are insurmountable and that they will fail any test of authentication.

The technology enables pinpoint and real time identification of counterfeit or diversion products whenever such activities take place. With information hidden on its products, a brand owner can both authenticate products as well as keep track of where distributors are sending its goods. The solution thus provides total supply chain control by combining track and trace coding with authentication. This has significant deterrent effect on counterfeiting and diversion activity while preserving the brand image of products.