Spacecode to present new RFID Paths to business success at RFID Technology Congress in London

Press Release, August 18, 2006, London: RFID has the capacity to revolutionize processes beyond the supply chain. The London Technology Congress of 26 & 27th of November 2005 intends to provide decision-makers with accurate and operative insights into RFID implementation. Dr Paul Davis, will be offering congress participants Spacecode’s expertise and experience for challenging RFID implementations.

Owing to its reliability in difficult environments – where metal, liquids and organics material are present, or where items are in close proximity and multiple orientation – Spacecode’s technology offers unequaled real life efficiency. Mr Cook will present recent advances and innovations around item-level RFID and their applications, as well as the company’s business model and go-to-market approach.

Protecting brand identity, automating labor-intensive processes, authenticating and safeguarding goods, and enabling real-time inventory and asset visibility – these are the key focus that Mr Cook will explore for the exclusive international audience of IT and business leaders attending the London RFID Technology Congress. Using case studies in the pharmaceutical and anti-counterfeiting industries, Paul will emphasize the utility of RFID, the importance of establishing a clear business case, and illustrate ways of achieving measurable ROI.